Starbuckers on a Mission

Our goal by the end of this summer is to visit every Starbucks on the island of Manhattan, New York. This is the blog do document our trip with the pictures and videos we take. We will also attempt to provide you with a review of every Starbucks store we visit. The trip will take numerous days with our completion scheduled to be August 30th.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Starbucks Number 4
2 Broadway
(@ Stone Street)
new york, NY 10004

We've finally found Starbucks #4 after walking up and down Broadway. Another gentleman (whose name I forgot to ask) was kind enough to give us a map of lower Manhattan, thus making our excursion way better. Anyway, Keenen thinks that the arrangement of this place clashes. He thinks that this place has a clash of futuristic look and traditional Starbucks style. We both agree that the sushi bar-like counter is very unique for Starbucks. What I/We can both agree upon is the great spirit of the workers in this place, especially David, the Barista. He did make us laugh with his jovial comments and was even nice enough to offer us free iced water since it’s burning outside! I’d say that this place has been the most enthusiastic, staff-wise. Truly a great service indeed!


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