Starbuckers on a Mission

Our goal by the end of this summer is to visit every Starbucks on the island of Manhattan, New York. This is the blog do document our trip with the pictures and videos we take. We will also attempt to provide you with a review of every Starbucks store we visit. The trip will take numerous days with our completion scheduled to be August 30th.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Starbucks #1
3 NY Plaza
(Water and Whitehall Corner)
New York, NY 10003

We finally arrived at our first Starbucks downtown. This one just about a block from South Ferry is quite small. The ordering counter and the seating area are extremely close together with 4 small tables and 8 seats. Keenen ordered a venti (as always) white chocolate mocha and I ordered a tall blended caramel frap. My caramel frap’s more watery than I expected and I wasn’t all too thrilled with the preparation. Overall, the service and the décor were satisfactory. They made our drinks pretty fast with virtually no wait time. The eccentric artwork on the wall somewhat gave the place a warm feeling despite its compact space. Though we had some difficulty finding our way, it was fun.


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