Starbuckers on a Mission

Our goal by the end of this summer is to visit every Starbucks on the island of Manhattan, New York. This is the blog do document our trip with the pictures and videos we take. We will also attempt to provide you with a review of every Starbucks store we visit. The trip will take numerous days with our completion scheduled to be August 30th.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Starbucks Number 6
233 Broadway
New York, NY 10279

We’re currently ecstatic because we’ve learned that there are two Starbucks here at City Hall. So, basically that’s like killing two birds with one stone because we intended to go to the one in Park Slope. Any who, Keenen believes this might be a new store, and it seems to be highly popular too! The line is looong! Hmm….Keenen’s yet to order something because he is waiting for the line to die down. The atmosphere seems very warm and happy. It is pretty noisy, but I guess that comes with popularity. There is also room to walk and stand unlike most Starbucks. Basically it’s traditional starbucks with a twist of simple city.

Starbucks Number 5
45 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005

Starbucks Number 5, located in front of Trump building in Wall Street, is by far our least favorite. It is somewhat long, but it is attached to another store that sells sweets and other types of food. The artwork is yet again, the “typical starbucks” style, but I’m not too impressed with the choice of a dark maroon-like wall, which gives it a darker look than the one on Broad Street. This store seems more…cluttered and not as spaced although it’s bigger than the one on N.Y Plaza (Starbucks Number 1). It is very crowded and we had to wait for seats, no, we had to rush to get a table and seats. We didn’t get to order anything due to our tight schedule, but from the looks of it, this Starbucks isn’t as great as the others.

Starbucks Number 4
2 Broadway
(@ Stone Street)
new york, NY 10004

We've finally found Starbucks #4 after walking up and down Broadway. Another gentleman (whose name I forgot to ask) was kind enough to give us a map of lower Manhattan, thus making our excursion way better. Anyway, Keenen thinks that the arrangement of this place clashes. He thinks that this place has a clash of futuristic look and traditional Starbucks style. We both agree that the sushi bar-like counter is very unique for Starbucks. What I/We can both agree upon is the great spirit of the workers in this place, especially David, the Barista. He did make us laugh with his jovial comments and was even nice enough to offer us free iced water since it’s burning outside! I’d say that this place has been the most enthusiastic, staff-wise. Truly a great service indeed!

Starbucks Number 3
55 Broad St.
New York, NY 10004

We're at our third Starbucks location in the Financial District on Broad Street. This one, in my opinion, is more...mellow than the others we've visited thus far. The overall atmosphere of this location is more traditional but still open and pretty spacious. The cafe has a very dark, but cool look, with maroon, black, and like....light wood color combinations. The music is also not as wild and vivacious as other places, but it is somehow soothing. This time Keenen only bought a butter croisant, which he thought was pretty good, but he says the barista didn't look too happy when getting. So far we've spent the most time in here only because we've found a nice WiFi connection to piggy back off of and there is an outlet for Keenen's laptop. The graphics that decorate the place are also aimiable, or as Keenen says, i's "typical Starbucks decoration". lol

Starbucks Number 2
10 Hanover Street
(@ Pearl St.)
New York, NY 10005

We’ve arrived at our second Starbucks, which is about a 5-minute walk from the one near the South Ferry station. This one is actually pretty nice and spacious. Keenen ordered a Pomegranate Frap’ which he didn’t like at first, but after a while he thought it was pretty good. His cup was pretty bent at the bottom, which was okay, but I don’t think that could be too good for service. I ordered nothing, but there were free samples of the pomegranate and tangerine fraps which I had a couple (hehe) of. In addition, their lavatory is nice and sanitary. The various artwork on the walls is also vibrant with shades of greens, browns, oranges, and little tints of magenta. It has a nice location that overlooks the city street and of course, I’d have to compliment the colorful, comfortable lounge area. Overall, I’d say this is one of the better ones in the city.

Starbucks #1
3 NY Plaza
(Water and Whitehall Corner)
New York, NY 10003

We finally arrived at our first Starbucks downtown. This one just about a block from South Ferry is quite small. The ordering counter and the seating area are extremely close together with 4 small tables and 8 seats. Keenen ordered a venti (as always) white chocolate mocha and I ordered a tall blended caramel frap. My caramel frap’s more watery than I expected and I wasn’t all too thrilled with the preparation. Overall, the service and the décor were satisfactory. They made our drinks pretty fast with virtually no wait time. The eccentric artwork on the wall somewhat gave the place a warm feeling despite its compact space. Though we had some difficulty finding our way, it was fun.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's the night before Starbucking Day and Keenen just told me via IM that his aunt was nice enough to donate 1-week Unlimited MetroCards for the sake of our trip!! Isn't that amazing?!?!? Though not as ooberly ecstatic as Keenen is, I am really excited and looking forward to tomorrow!!! I just hope I get some sleep tonight...and so would he 'coz we have to wake up early if we want to visit as many Starbucks as we can. Insane Idea? Maybe, but heck, it sure sounds like FUN! Heheh. =D


now i don't know where Keenen went..oh wait..nevermind. He said 'brb'.

and yes...i am most definitely looking forward to this:


ciao for now!